Thursday, September 13, 2007


This is the begining of my first printmaking project. A design inspired by this photo of laced wood located below. The image is a closeup of the decorative siding from one of the Buddhist temples that is located on Bulguk-sa Mountain in Gyeongju, South Korea. Teresa, Todd, Anthony and I went there for holiday in late August and met up with Austrailian friend, John. The experience was visually very exciting and colorful!

I will show more pictures later.

2:17 a.m Blood Bites

A female mosquito in heat is buzzing around my apartment biting me in the back of my neck. The bump is throbbing and I feel as if I've been defeated once again.
Korean mosquitos are brilliant at attacking and they like to play games with their victims. Usually after biting you they enjoy flying in front of your face, making it quite obvious of their mischief. After 2 seconds of eye contact they do an amazing spin dive making you lose contact all together! I wasted many mintues trying to search for them. They are amazing at hiding. My last severe mosquito experience happened when I was living in Florence, Italy. In Italy, the mosquitos sat around lazily on ceilings and played buzzing noises in your ears while sleeping. I think that were usually high off of the warm wine and sugar produced from the digestion of a typical Italian meal. Killing an Italian mosquito was amazingly simple. First, you approached her very quietly and then-WHAM! you clap her in between your hands. The most clever approach in killing these and most other mosquitos is to use an old towel and whip it around in circles. (you can pretend to be Conan The Barbarian while doing this and think of the towel as a sword).

Korean Mosquitoes are quite the opposite, however. In fact I never see them lying around after a meal. They are always in stealth mode. Always working. I was thinking that this could be linked to the large amounts of ginseng, raw garlic, onions and meat in the korean diet! :) Or perhaps evoltion plays a factor. Maybe the relationship of mosquito and man has been around a lot longer here. That defines why these mosquitos seem to be the smartest in defense.